Anleitungen für myCampus an der Leuphana - Instructions for myCampus at Leuphana

für Studienbewerber*innen, Studierende und Prüfer*innen - for applicants, students and examiners




FAQ for examiners


What is remaining in myStudy?

Leuphana Account

What is the Leuphana Account?

My password for the Leuphana Account is not working.

Exam dates

I am not shown the access to the application "My Supervised Exams".

I can't see my exam date in the application "My supervised Exams".

I have access to the application "Exam Administration", but no examination dates are displayed.

The date of my exam date is not correct.

Who controls the display of exam dates for students?

How can exam dates be displayed for non-examiners (third parties)?

How can I filter the exam dates?

How are the grades for combined assessments to be entered in myCampus?

How can I pre-assess and submit exam dates?

How can I correct grades that have already been submitted?

What happens to the examination protocol from myCampus?

Can the examination protocol be digitally signed?

I cannot print the examination protocol.

The control number of my examination protocol does not match the control number in the Student Service and the grades cannot be published.


As an examiner, can I see the second examiner for final theses?

How can I assess the oral examination for a thesis?

Can I record the assessment of a thesis on behalf of an examiner and upload the report?

Notify students

Can I send students feedback on their performance?

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