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Choosing a curriculum context when registering for assessments

What does "curriculum context" mean?

When you register for an assessment in myCampus, you must select the curriculum context in which you are registering for the assessment. It is important to ensure that you register correctly.

Common sources of error are, for example:

  • You register for an assessment as additional credits, even though it is part of the regular curriculum of your degree programme.
  • You have changed your degree programme/major/minor and have already registered for an assessment for your old degree programme instead of your new one.
  • You are a studying multiple degree programmes and are registering for the assessment for the wrong degree programme.

In these and other cases, you might register for an incorrect curriculum context. Incorrect registration leads to subsequent problems, in particular to the assessment grade not being included in your average grade and being listed in the transcript of records as an additional achievement instead of, for example, a compulsory achievement.

If you are unsure, we therefore recommend that you check the curriculum context of your assessment registrations in myCampus.

Why are there several curriculum contexts in myCampus?

In myCampus, all degree programmes are technically mapped according to a predefined logic. Leuphana also offers so-called combined degree programmes (German: „Mehrfachstudiengänge“). These are degree programmes that include multiple teaching subjects or a major/minor combinations.

For example, the Teaching and Learning degree programme consists of an individual combination of several teaching subjects, such as Biology and English. The „Leuphana Bachelor“ degree programme combines a major, such as Business Information Systems, with a minor such as Business Administration. All these elective options as well as the Complementary Studies and the Leuphana Semester are mapped in separate regulations and therefore constitute their own curriculum contexts.

How do I choose the right curriculum context and what do I do if I make mistakes?

The following drop-down elements show you what you need to bear in mind when registering for the respective curriculum contexts, how you can determine whether you are registered in the correct curriculum context and what you need to do if you make a mistake.

Leuphana Bachelor with major and minor

Teacher Training Courses

Masters programmes at the Graduate School and all degree programmes at the Professional School

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