Anleitungen für myCampus an der Leuphana - Instructions for myCampus at Leuphana

für Studienbewerber*innen, Studierende und Prüfer*innen - for applicants, students and examiners




Login and Logout

On this page you will learn how to log into myCampus and how to log out of it. You will also be familiarised with functions of the system that you may encounter in the course of the login and logout process.

How can I log into myCampus?

The registration page of myCampus

Login with Leuphana account for students and employees

Login for applicants and external persons (guests)

Select user profile

Show more information about the user profile

Hooks - Information after registration

What are hooks?

I have forgotten my password or would like to change it

In myCampus there is a different mechanism for changing and resetting the password for each user group.

I have forgotten the password for my Leuphana account or would like to change it

I am an applicant and have forgotten my password or would like to change it

Reset or change password/username for external persons (guests)

How can I log out of myCampus?

Logout from myCampus

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