Anleitungen für myCampus an der Leuphana - Instructions for myCampus at Leuphana

für Studienbewerber*innen, Studierende und Prüfer*innen - for applicants, students and examiners




Evaluation of assessments

Click path: My supervised exams > „Assess“ button (in the „Operation“ column) / Link X (Y) in the „Candidate“ column

General information

The assessment of exams in myCampus takes place in three steps:

  1. Recording the grades
  2. Printing the examination protocol (= list of grades)
  3. Submission to the specialist department (Student Services)

There are various ways of carrying out these steps in the system. We will show you the different possibilities in these instructions so that you can find your personal processing method.

In addition, a distinction is made between two basic lists when entering grades:

  • The list of exams/assessment, which displays the exam dates you supervise with the associated key data (mass operations are possible from here)
  • The list of candidates, which shows the students registered for a selected exam date you supervise (grades are also recorded here)

The standard assessment process

1. Entering grades

2. Printing the examination protocol

3. Submission to the specialist department

The status indicator in the list of exams/assessment

Special use cases

How to handle individual exam dates in an exam period

How to deal with extensions of deadlines for written papers

How to deal with early submissions of written papers

Assessment of the oral examination interview (thesis)

For administrative staff in the schools and institutes

Call up the examination dates of an organisation

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