Anleitungen für myCampus an der Leuphana - Instructions for myCampus at Leuphana

für Studienbewerber*innen, Studierende und Prüfer*innen - for applicants, students and examiners




Digital student dossier for the exchange of documents with Student Service

Click path: Student Dossier

Application Student Dossier

In the Student Dossier application, you can either upload available forms or react to requests for specific documents from administrative staff and make it digitally available for them. In addition, specific documents can be stored here by the administration for individual students to retrieve.

If you are requested to file a document in the student dossier or like to submit a form, open the application „Student Dossier“. This may be empty.

Empty student dossier

Click on the „Document management“ tab and select „Add“.

Add document

Select the type of document you would like to upload and click on „Continue“.

Select document

Upload the document and select the study in question. Confirm the selection of the document with „Save“.

Upload document

If necessary, you have to confirm the correctness of the document by selecting the respective checkbox. In any case, end the process with a second „Save“ in order to upload the document to the student dossier and release it for the administrators.

Confirm the correctness of the document

The document will be saved in your student dossier and made available to Student Service. You can see the processing status in the column „Confirmation (administrator)“.

Student dossier document status

Documents that have been filed in your student dossier by Student Service may as well require your confirmation. To do this, open the document by clicking on the link in the „Name“ column, confirm that the document is correct by checking the box and finish by clicking on „Save“.

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