Anleitungen für myCampus an der Leuphana - Instructions for myCampus at Leuphana

für Studienbewerber*innen, Studierende und Prüfer*innen - for applicants, students and examiners




Introduction of the new Campus Management System myCampus

After years of preparation, Leuphana University of Lüneburg is introducing the Campus Management System myCampus in cooperation with TU Graz. This is a great opportunity to consolidate existing IT systems of the university, to digitalize and simplify administrative processes and to improve administrative processes in teaching & learning.  

The project to introduce the new system is divided into two phases:

  • In the (current) introduction phase I, the systems of the provider HIS Hochschul-Informations-System eG (HIS) for the areas Application and Admission as well as Student Administration and Assessment Administration will be replaced in the course of the summer semester 2023.
  • Phase II provides for the integration of myStudy functionalities into myCampus.

Changes and notes for students

Since 01.04.2023, applications are possible digitally via myCampus: initially for the Graduate School, gradually for the Professional School and from May 2023 for the College. More detailed information on the application modalities can be found on the application websites of the respective schools.

From 03.07.2023 (12 p.m.), myCampus will be available to all students.

The following functionalities will be made available to all students in myCampus:

  • In the assessment administration area: registering for and deregistering from assessments, viewing grades, printing out transcripts, digital submission of theses as of WiSe 23/24
  • In the study administration area: printout of enrolment certificates, management of contact and address data as well as access to the semester fee status

We recommend attending one of our faculty-specific information events for your faculty / school so that we can show you the system and all the new processes in myCampus as well as how to check your data. You can find the dates on this page.

Notes on address and contact data in myCampus

Check your address and contact details in the application Current/Home Address in myCampus and correct them yourself if necessary. If you would like to benefit from a two-factor authentication for Leuphana account recovery (password reset) in the future, deposit your mobile phone number in myCampus according to the specified format and add a private verified e-mail address via your business card.

Notes on assessment registrations and grades

If you notice any discrepancies when checking your performance data and assessment registrations, we would like to ask you to inform us of these via this form.

Notes on assessment deregistrations

From 3.7.2023 (12 p.m.), you can deregister for assessments yourself via myCampus in accordance with the current General Assessment Regulations. After this time, no more forms for deregistration from assessments will be accepted. Before, you could only deregister from assessments that take place between 16.05.2023 and 02.07.2023 using a form.

In the case of deregistrations from written examinations, the associated automatic re-registration for the subsequent date will only take place once the first date has been assessed and the grades have been published.

Changes and information for lecturers and administrative staff

The professional check of the consecutive nature of applications to Master's programmes will be carried out in myCampus from April 2023.

As of 03.07.2023 (12 p.m.), the assessment administration will be available to all examiners and staff involved. This includes the following functionalities / applications:

  • “My Supervised Assessments”: grading of assessments and submission of grades to Student Service in myCampus (no longer via myStudy)
  • “My Supervised Theses”: evaluation of theses and upload of reviews in myCampus

We offer training sessions so that you can work with the new system easily and without complications. Please register for this under MIZ Training Programme (in the section „Campus Management“).

If you are unable to view your examinations in myCampus or if you notice any errors, please contact us at We kindly ask you to be patient in advance with regard to troubleshooting.

All processes in myStudy (except for grade entry), Moodle, myPortfolio, and myVideo are unaffected by the change. 

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