Anleitungen für myCampus an der Leuphana - Instructions for myCampus at Leuphana

für Studienbewerber*innen, Studierende und Prüfer*innen - for applicants, students and examiners




Processing preliminary registrations

Click path: My assessment dates > „Assess“ (in the „Operation“ column) > „Show registration requirements“ (under the menu item „Operations“)

Certain assessment dates only allow preliminary registrations because students must meet certain requirements in advance to be admitted to the assessment. The fulfilment of the requirement(s) is to be checked by you as the examiner. You decide on the admission to the assessment for each registered student. This must be done by the last date of the lecture in the 14th week of the lecture period.

In the case of an assessment date with preliminary registration, you will see a corresponding note when you call up the assessment date via the button „Assess“ in the column „Operation“ - in the view of the so-called „List of candidates“.

Notice of conditional registration

Open the menu item „Operations“ and select „Show registration requirements“.

Show registration requirements

A list of students who are preliminarily registered will open in a new window. For each student, select whether or not the requirements for participation in the assessment date have been met. To do this, click on the round radio button in the respective row of the student either in the left-hand column „Admission requirements fulfilled“ or in the right-hand column „Admission requirements not fulfilled“. Students will be admitted to the assessment date or deregistered from the assessment date according to the information you have provided.

It is not possible to check the requirements with the button „Show requirements according to SPO / curriculum“ because the information about the required achievements is not available in myCampus. The check must therefore be carried out manually for each student. The processing of the individual registrations can be made at different times, but the processing must be completed by the last date of the lecture.

Edit registrations with reservation

Confirm your entries by clicking „Save“ or click „Cancel/Close“ to discard your entries. Before saving your changes, you will be presented with a system notice which you must confirm by clicking „OK“ to save your details. Students will be notified of their admission to or deregistration from the assessment date.

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